The Slender Veil

The Veil between life and death – past and present – is slender and was about to be traversed. 

Ethan and Ellody Ellory had just buried their grandfather and Ethan looked forward to taking over the running of the estate. When they visit the family solicitor to hear the reading of the will, however a different outcome ensues when they discovered their Grandfather’s older brother had a son they never knew existed and was next in line to inherit. The problem was, no one knew where he was and until he had been located and could take his place as the head of the household, Ethan was left to run the estate as he saw fit and started digging up the grounds to begin a market garden. With the discovery of a skeleton buried not far from the house and the further discovery of a gateway between worlds, Ethan, Ellory and their new estate manager, Michael found themselves travelling into the past to discover the identity of the skeleton and the tragedy of how the bones came to be buried in the Garden of Ellory Manor.

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