Born and raised in Yorkshire, UK I moved to Cornwall 30 years ago to escape the rat race and provide a more sedate pace of life for my children.

I started writing at age nine when, one rainy Sunday, I was at a cousin’s house and, as we were unable to go out and technology was limited to a black and white TV without children’s programmes available on tap yet, my aunt gave us some paper and pencils and suggested we write a story.

My cousin and I were always playing make believe and had numerous imaginary adventures (If you would like to see what I came up with please see the short story page where my very first story is given its first outing in public).

I have moved around quite a bit and have taken inspiration from some of the places I have lived and the people I have met. (See photos). I also have a great interest in family history which has also been an inspiration and some of the events in The Slender Veil stem from this research.

Special thanks: My cousin Janet who has encouraged me most of my life. Also thanks must go to my sister, Kathy who edits for me and my lovely son Martin who set up and maintains the website…